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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Breaking the Twitter 2000 Follow Limit

New users may not be aware but established twitter users who follow large numbers of tweeters usually hit a wall when they attempt to add follow number 2001.
So, how do you get past the twitter follower limit of 2,000?  Well the only way to do it is to grow your own follower list. 
You don’t however have to have 2,000 followers; the magic number is in fact 1,819.  Twitter lets you follow the number of followers that you have plus 10%.  When you hit the figure of 1819 you are allowed to follow that number plus a further 182.  Your follower limit is now 2001 and you have broken through the barrier, just.
For every ten new followers you gain you can follow eleven new tweeters, and so on. Using that formula Ashton Kutcher would be allowed to follow over 5 million users, slightly more than the 320 currently on his radar.  So now you know.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

15 Cool Hi-tech Spy Gadgets, Oh Wait…Creepy Gifts for Stalkers?

Do you have someone for whom you need a present but would classify as naughty and not nice? Do they have a desire for gadgets to make them feel like James Bond? There are spy gadgets designed to go undetected, products that were once considered science fiction, but can be purchased without needing to be a part of an elite secret service or military branch. Some of these spy gadgets barely squeak by as legal. So if you have a spy or spyette on your shopping list, perhaps one of these 15 hi-tech spy gadgets would be perfect for them. Oh wait . . . as the list goes down, they get creepy enough to almost induce full blown paranoia. Maybe these spy gadgets would be the perfect creepy gifts for stalkers?




These are not toy lasers to play with indoors for your cat to chase around for your amusement. Wicked Lasers puts out two lasers straight out of some James Bond flick. On the left is the Elite Pro which has ridiculous burning power in such a tiny package. The military swears by it, using these tightly focused green beams like long distance matches for burning and melting. On the right is the Photonic Disruptor tactical laser. It was featured on Discovery Channel’s “Future Weapons”. Point the non-lethal versatile focused or unfocused beam towards potential threats at a distance and it will temporarily overwhelm a threat’s visual sense without causing permanent eye damage.



Bluetooth Spy

(image credits: esih,Brickhouse Security,Brickhouse Security)
Micro spy earphones like the upper left have been in circulation, but Brickhouse Security brings it to a new level. The invisible spy Micro Bluetooth headset goes deep into the ear and is so low that it cannot be seen. Although it requires no batteries, it would take a super-strong magnet to pull it from your ear canal. That takes care of sound spying but Brickhouse has another Bluetooth spy gadget to be your secret ear and eye in the sky. This average looking and fully functional Bluetooth headset is so much more with a pinhole camera hidden deep within. No one will suspect that your Bluetooth headset is actually capturing covert video surveillance with audio.



Lighter Spy

(image credits: Ajoka,ePathChina,varologic)
Lighters can be used to conduct secret video surveillance or are ideal for any covert operation where gathering evidence is important for you. Besides using these lighters for their obvious purpose of fire, you can leave it in your home or office to record everything that is happening while you are gone. Are you not the type to carry a refillable lighter but a disposable cheapo? These spy lighters come in all shapes, colors and sizes.



80,000 Volt Electric Briefcase

(image credits: Eurospy Shop,Ajoka)
If you are carrying around documents that cannot fall into enemy hands, or money or jewelry or anything vital to keep safe, then there are normal looking briefcases that can help you keep your valuables safe. Although they come in differing colors, all come with a remote control so you can shock the living daylights out of the thief. You can activate the screaming alarm by simply pushing a button on the remote control, but when you push a second button you will activate the electric shock alarm. Then the person who stole your suitcase will let go immediately! Nobody will be able to grab or take the suitcase without having the snot shocked out of them.



Cell Phone Spy

(image credits: Brickhouse Security, Eurospy Shop)
No matter what reason you come up with to need these cell phone spying devices, we are moving much closer into the realm of creepy stalker. The SIM card spy makes it possible to read deleted text messages and private data from any SIM card. Not enough James Bond for you? The bottom image is the world’s smallest, fully integrated GSM Listening Device. With an unlimited range, you can call from any phone and listen immediately to a conversation from anywhere in the world.



Tiniest Spy Cameras

(image credits: Spy Gadgets)
Micro cameras are getting smaller every day. The top right is the world’s smallest cam, a pinhole size CMOS camera which you can see size-wise sitting upon a dime. For another dimension of creepy spying, there are cameras in screw heads. There are also all various sizes of button cams.



Keylogger – Computer Spying

(image credits: Eurospy Shop, The Spy Store)
Yes, there are hundreds of software keylogger options. Anti-spyware vs. spyware, sooner or later most software keyloggers will be detected. For the ultimate in creepy computer spying, this keylogger plugs in and records all keystrokes. It uses no system resources and runs in the background. It stores everything typed on the keyboard and will suffer no data loss when unplugged. If this is for relationship spying, perhaps it’s time to seek counseling or get out. Believe it or not, it can get worse.


GPS Lingerie

(image credits: Gizmodo)
“Find Me If You Can” is the name of this lingerie with a pager-sized GPS device sewn into a bodice. For starters, unless you have some kinky thrills from it . . . run ladies if you find a GPS in your lingerie. Take it out first or else you can be tracked. In fact, if you don’t want to pull a Dirty Harry and point your gun at him to tell him to back off or make your day, then maybe you need your own covert spy/weapon gadgets like below.

For Ladies

(image credits: Made in China, Made in China Weapon Masters,Saftey Central)

Lipstick comes in all colors, glosses and now weaponry. Lipstick can be camouflaged as a stun gun, 350,000 volts worth of shock power if you need it for spying or for protection. The top left “lipstick” comes with a two-in-one function: Stun gun and LED Light. The top right “lipstick” packs 2 million volts! On the bottom left, these lipticks are actually knifes. If shanking someone is not to your liking, nor shocking someone senseless, then maybe wearing the ring would work for you. It’s not just jewelry as when you squeeze it, pepper spray squirts out from next to the stone. Whether you are a spy, want to feel a bit safe, or have some stalker putting GPS tracking in your lingerie, there are enough choices out there to suit most anyone.

Top 10 Strangest Gadgets of the Future

10. Citizen's Memory LCD


Citizen Japan has unveiled a new LCD technology -- called "memory liquid crystal" -- that retains the image even when turned off. Basically, its inorganic membrane and angled orientation keep the crystals frozen without needing power. Practical applications would include watches and mobile phone displays. [Source]

9. EyeMove PC

The EyeMove PC combines the functionality of a digital projector and computer into one circular-shaped device. Simply hang it on your wall or place it flat on a desk and project games, movies, or applicationNo word yet on on if this concept will go into production.
"With the wireless controller you can forget the old mouse, your keyboard, joystick, you have it all in one with a touch screen wireless controller"

8. Scarpar - The All-Terrain Motorized Board

 The Scarpar is a futuristic board that "apparently gives you the best of snowboarding, surfing, skating and motocross". It's slated for a 2007 release. Pricing has not yet been announced. Video clip after the jump. [Source]

7. 3D Video Game


interactive art and gaming, xBlocks delivers a unique experience to say the least. It's currently on display at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, Italy. Video after the jump.
"Using standard game controllers, two opposing players must help their characters navigate in and around a three dimensional maze. The real challenge comes, not from traditional game mechanics but rather from moving with your character as he sprints around corners and jumps between the installation’s two play surfaces"

6. Transparent Toaster

This innovative "Transparent Toaster" concept uses special heating glass to warm a single slice of bread. Unfortunately, the glass does not reach a high enough temperature -- at this time -- to actually toast the bread. No word yet on if this concept will go into production. [Source]

5. Origami DVD Player

This Origami DVD Player concept uses a fully-flexible display technology (e-paper) to ensure maximum portability. When not in use, the screen folds up neatly back into the case. From the image, it looks to sport integrated speakers as well. No word yet on if this concept will go into production.
As a product, it would target the business traveler who wants a convenient way to watch DVD movies.

4. Self Cooling Beer Can

Tempra Technology and Crown Holdings have partnered to develop the world's first self cooling beer can. It looks like a normal 500ml can, but features an integrated self-cooling device that reduces the "contents by a minimum of 30° Fahrenheit (16.7° C) in just three minutes."
"When activated, the all natural desiccant contained within a vacuum draws the heat from the beverage through the evaporator into an insulated heat-sink container."


3. VirtuSphere

The VirtuSphere takes gaming to a whole new level, allowing users to walk inside a virtual space "while being totally immersed" -- through the head-mounted display system. Built-in sensors detect movement and transmit that information to a linked computer. A special platform inside the sphere allows it to rotate in any direction as the user walks. Two video clips after the jump.
The VirtuSphere is currently the only technology in the world, which permits the user to move about in virtual space through the most natural movement of all – by walking.

2. Heliodisplay M2i

IO2Technology has just released a new version of their Heliodisplay multimedia projector called "M2i", it features a larger 30-inch diagonal (76cm) display area (4:3 aspect), 1600-2200 lumens brightness, 1024 x 768 SXGA resolution, and 'virtual touchscreen' controls. Video after the jump.
The interactive M2i allows desktop navigation in a PC environment such that floating images or video can be manipulated supporting a 'virtual' touchscreen enabling cursor control.

1. “On Target” Video Game Urinal

Set back into each urinal is a pressure-sensitive display, which activates an interactive game when used. This game includes sounds and images, bringing entertainment value to where you’d least expect. It will most likely will be installed in airports and schools “with the functional purpose of improving hygiene”.
The projection of the project into a museum space was conceived of as a critical-ironic measure, questioning the concept of art, but extending it at the same time.

Honorable Mention - Bright Walk

There's a good reason why these shoes are called "Bright Walk", built-in Piezo-electric sensors convert the impact from running or walking into static energy which than power electro luminescent polymers to produce light.
"Besides its aesthetic contribution to the fashion scene (for including functional lighting), it addresses the added value of Safety for the runners."

Honorable Mention - Solar Powered LED Light

The LightCap is basically a solar powered water bottle which has a built-in LED light in its lid. It features a waterproof solar panel, battery pack, and "will stay bright for hours while the rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries will last for at least 300 cycles" on a four hour charge -- in sunlight. This device measures 8 ¼" tall and 3 ¾" wide with a 32 oz capacity. No word yet on pricing and availability.
Set it in the sun or hang it from a railing during the day and you'll have light all night long!

Honorable Mention - Intelligent Spoon

Connie Cheng and Leonardo Bonanni have developed the world's first "Intelligent Spoon". It's equipped with sensors to measure temperature, acidity, salinity, and viscosity. Download the recorded data to any computer via a cable for furthur processing.
Apart from consolidating measurements that are normally done by an array of equipments into a single spoon, the information obtained can be used to advise the users what their next step should be; for example, it tells the user if there is not enough salt in the brine prepared to make pickles.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Transparent Cell Phone on the Horizon

Transparent anything is cool. Seriously, things that are see through automatically scream ‘futuristic’ based on all the sci-fi shows and movies that used transparent props. They sort of defy all logic, especially when technology is involved. Yet liquid crystal technology and its constant switching open and closed are being put to use to make a transparent phone possible. Which makes me wonder, will we someday lose our phones because we literally can’t see it?

A few companies, including, Polytron Technologies are working to produce a transparent smartphone. Their Smart Glass technology looks cloudy white. But when powered on the switching molecules open up and the device becomes opaque. Obviously other technology in the phone (SIM card, SD card, battery, speaker, camera) are not transparent. Polytron anticipates having an opaque filter to cover those less sexy spots. Working prototypes are expected this year and with any luck Polytron will find some interested phone manufacturers and become an OEM partner. So keep an eye out (if you can see them) for transparent phones in the near future.

Charge with Body Heat

Think about how much power our bodies generate. We are truly machines, constantly taking in energy and burning or storing it for future use. We rely on electronic devices for so many parts of our life, all of which have to be plugged into a power source. It seems logical that we should be able to harness the energy in our body and funnel it towards electrical uses. Many have tried and it finally looks like someone succeeded in making an efficient device to do exactly that.
Fujifilm recently revealed a high-efficiency Thermoelectric Converter in a flexible film format. The thought is the substance attaches to our skin and immediately begins producing electricity from the heat you give off.  Fujifilm’s particular polymer can be manufactured via printer too, which enables virtually any size or shape film. Solar power could be added to the film to enable even more charging.  Imagine running low on phone power, applying this film, plugging into the phone and letting your body heat charge your device. OK, maybe that is far off. Medical devices would probably be the first to experience this au-natural charging product. Live demonstrations of the product are occurring at trade shows so hopefully some manufacturers will take note. And maybe someday our body heat will charge our lives.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

New innovation from Honda

New innovation from Honda to respond the Global Warming issue. Unlike other motorcycles, this Honda Cub come with a new concept by using Hydrogen fuel as it power source. So, no more gasoline.
This model is currently still in the concept, the design is based on a very popular model of Honda motorcycle in use today, the Honda Cub.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Concept Samsung flip

Future technology Concept Samsung flip

Final concept the Samsung flip  uses a front screen that wraps around to the inner screen, allowing for a low profile notification bar separated from the main display. The objective for this project is to design a phone with the Samsung brand name using new OLED screen technologies. With screens becoming thinner and now able to fold and bend, there are many new possibilities in the area of phone design.    

Future technology Concept Samsung flip
Flip feature allows you to set your phone up in a number of convenient positions. Use front screen for easy access to all apps or quick text/ e-mail viewing while phone is closed. Different interfaces for different phone positions.Flip outer screen towards you or open phone and set up for the best viewing position. 
Screen wraps around the bottom of the phone where the notification bar is located. This helps reduce clutter and keeps the notification bar hidden and off the main screen. 
Set your phone up in the best position for easy hands free video chatting. Works for both open and closed phone configurations. Also utilize the inner screen as one display or two, allowing for multiple apps to be opened and viewed at the same time.  
Future technology Concept Samsung flip Future technology Concept Samsung flipFuture technology Concept Samsung flipFuture technology Concept Samsung flip

Innovative Concrete Watch

Future technology Innovative Concrete Watch

It the new limited edition collection of watches made of concrete. Watch -  is more than just a time measuring mechanism. It is the main male jewellery and should reflect the personality and strenght of its owner. Designer chose concrete, a noble, modern, honest and robust material, the stuff our megapolis are made of. These watches can tell the story of an alliance of French creativity and Swiss technical performance, innovating in a field that has never been explored in watchmaking before. Designs the watch are sophisticated in their simplicity and plainly contemporary. Interesting and unusual! 

Future technology Innovative Concrete Watch
Designer Dzmitry Samal Future technology Innovative Concrete Watch Future technology Innovative Concrete Watch Future technology Innovative Concrete Watch

Concept of a sports car on an air cushion

Future technology Concept of a sports car on an air cushion

Engineers Michael Mercier and Chris Jones created the concept of a sports car on an air cushion and cook it to realization. This is the future of hovercraft. What’s the benefit to us chassis hovercraft? First of all these  is environmentally friendly, the large throughput and flexibility. 
However, the control system is not much different from the management of conventional cars. Even a inhibition closer to that of the wheeled transport. The matter in a patented arrangement of fans, allowing easy and accurate control this ship. 

Future technology Concept of a sports car on an air cushion
This project will be built using light and strong materials like carbon fiber, aluminum, fiberglass, marine plywood. On a production of one model, developers are planning to spend 20 million U.S. dollars. 
The device will be a hybrid, equipped with both a gasoline engine so and the electric motor. Test flights  the first samples are scheduled on 2013, provided, that the authors of the concept be able to collect the necessary sum for the project.  Future technology Concept of a sports car on an air cushion Future technology Concept of a sports car on an air cushion 600 Future technology Concept of a sports car on an air cushion Future technology Concept of a sports car on an air cushion Future technology Concept of a sports car on an air cushion Future technology Concept of a sports car on an air cushion

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Video Card Overview


Concept Flexible Cell Phone and new technology

Future technology iflex phone concept
A popular class the phones, of folding in two, can be reborn again, says designer Christian de Poorter. His new concept iFlex uses the advancements in flexible electronics and combines the advantages of a touch phone with a form factor "clamshell". The smartphone has a magnetic lock that will not allow his to open up when folded. Flexible screen integrated in the housing of a flexible nylon material, which is also can be folded. This a concept, believes a author the development,  will contribute to the emergence of a new class of applications that can not be realized with traditional rigid the displays. For example, a smartphone can turn into the compact makeup for women. Or, be more the convenient alarm clock, or to help the participants of the Conference, working as a table with the name. A development  can become a reality in a few years, because Samsung is going to introduce commercial gadgets based on flexible screens later this year. 

Future technology iflex phone concept and new technology
Designer : Christian de Poorter Design Studio in Milan Future technology iflex phone concept and new technology Future technology iflex phone concept and new technology Future technology iflex phone concept and new technologyFuture technology iflex phone concept and new technology  Future technology iflex phone concept and new technology

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Concept the thinnest watches in the world

Future technology Concept the thinnest watches in the world

Company Central Standard Timing  introduced the thinnest watch, made ​​on technology E Ink. CST-01 looks similar to a metal bracelet, and their thickness is only 0.8 mm. Users can set or change the time with built-in docking station. A specially designed the battery can be charged from docking station just ten minutes and a watch will run for up to a month on a single battery charge. A life of battery is about 15 years. 
Manufacturer has made such an incredible thickness of the gadget due to the special laminating flexible components and the use of steel. The main thing – do not cut yourself. Worn around the wrist like a bracelet, the CST-01 looks more like a fashionable accessory than a wristwatch. Future technology Concept the thinnest watches in the world
For the financing of the project decided to hire the services of the public. Central Standard Timing company expects to collect two hundred thousand dollars on Kickstarter.  Future technology Concept the thinnest watches in the worl Future technology Concept the thinnest watches in the worl Future technology Concept the thinnest watches in the worl Future technology Concept the thinnest watches in the worl Future technology Concept the thinnest watches in the worl